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We have the oldest AAW chapter in New England. With that we have had a website that was started long ago too. It has served us well with newsletters, email distribution management and online registration taking PayPal payments. Many have worked long hours to keep our site running through years of change.

Many have proposed ways to improve our website going so far to prototype what it could look like. Again we are thankful to all of these efforts that bring us here now to our next generation website.

Turning the page, we are looking forward to a more modern look with increased functionality to support our very active CNEW community. We have a design that works on any device, individual member access control with self-service password reset, an events manager, photo management, and the ability to post and discuss topics or coordinate activities. We will be able to build learning resources as it matures along with other improvements to come. And it has the same PayPal capabilities moved forward keeping membership fees easy.

Please return to this page to post any comments, suggestions, requests, problems and read about improvements. You will also be able to see responses to those comments of yours to solve, resolve or show progress. You may even find interesting questions asked by others. We will open other discussion categories as we get used to our new website tools.

Dominic, Webmaster and
Phil, Web Helper

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  1. As stated by someone at the meeting, there is a typo in the title. Central is miss-spelled.

    Love the new look and site. I know it will take a while to iron out the kinks, but great work so far!

    1. admin

      Hi Bob, Thank you taking a look and letting us know where we have issues. We are glad to hear you like the direction we are going. I am excited to get the new site live along with the Members – Our Community zone up and running.

      Keep looking for items to improve and let us know.

      Change made on the home page has been made.

  2. The new site is looking really good! On the main page toward the bottom, the I think it says “Meeting Schedule” but the two words are on top of each other. Same with the next item below it. Keep up the good work!

    1. admin

      Hi Peter,
      I took a look at “Meeting Schedule”. Using the Chrome browser (my usual), I wasn’t able to cause the issue at any size of the window. I then though it might be a browser issue and opened up Internet Explorer and made the window very skinny (like a cell phone) and I recreated the issue. What device and browser are you using and how wide would you say the screen is? I am trying to better understand your situation and figure out how to clean up the problem.

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