Club Mentoring

Club Mentors are available to teach YOU!

Below is a list of members willing to spend their valuable free time with other members in hope of helping to promote education and skill building by sharing of their knowledge. Anyone interested in being "Mentored" by a more advanced or seasoned turner please contact one of the members below.

Why not hook up with a Mentor to help develop your skills and enjoy some friendship. This is a free service of CNEW and will not cost you anything.

Current Mentors
Joseph McGill-Sudbury, MA
Kevin Nee-W. Boylston, MA
Marty Goulet-New Braintree,
Richard Angus-Moosup, CT

Note: Full contact info for mentors is available to members in the password protected Members Only Area available to all current members

PS: If you are interested in listing yourself as a "Mentor" who would entertain meeting with a "student" at your shop or theirs please send an email to Webmaster. This is a good way to learn as you teach. You do not need any particular skills or skill level to be a mentor, just a willingness to help another turner and enjoy the time with them. As a sometimes teacher myself I attest to the fact that you REALLY learn things when you have to teach it. We are hoping that with this program each mentor may be able to help out one person each month or two. Please consider signing up.