Central New England Woodturners

for the Art and Craft of Woodturning
since 1987

a non-profit 501(c)(3) club affiliated with the American Association of Woodturners

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5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
March meeting
1870 Town Hall 12 Woodward Ave Berlin 12 Woodward Ave Berlin MA
Learn and Turn starts at 5:30pm     The technique is using a parting tool and caliper to get the precise profile you want on a spindle...
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Who are we?

We were the first woodturning club in New England and have existed since 1987. We welcome everyone interested in woodturning regardless of experience. Beginners to the very experienced, we have it all. You can benefit from a vast knowledge of every aspect of woodturning including bowls, plates, vases, spindles, pens, segmented, stave, green wood, carving, texturing, and much more. Members are always sharing experience in a desire to help other turners.

Sharing Ideas and Learning New Techniques

A foremost benefit of our club is in fact our willingness and openness in the sharing of ideas and techniques through socializing, demos, show & tell, field trips, shop visits, articles, and more. Recent demos were: pepper grinders, green wood turning, deep hollow vessels, specialized tools, spirals, segmented turnings, and much more awesome and unbelievable stuff.

Berlin 1870 Town Hall Front View
1870 Town Hall, 12 Woodward Ave, Berlin, MA 01503

Monthly Meetings

Meeting setup starts at about 5 pm with our early Learn ‘n Turn session starting at 5:30 pm.  Our business meeting begins at 6:30 pm followed by Show & Tell, a wood swap and then the evening’s featured demo.  Usually we have a specialty woodturner’s store open with discount prices on consumables for woodturning.  After cleaning up all of our wood shavings and returning the chairs to the racks, we call it a night at about 9:30 pm.  Of course, sometimes we have expert visiting woodturners or seasonal parties that change up our meetings a bit.

Show 'n Tell

Share your success, share your failure, teach, learn.  
Show ‘n Tell is about sharing and growing our community of knowledge

Richard Hunt Memorial
Learn 'n Turn

Learn ‘n Turn is a wood turning learning experience for the beginner or intermediate wood turner sponsored by CNEW. It happens at the beginning of each monthly meeting beginning at about 5:30 pm. Each Learn ‘N Turn session is led by an experienced wood turner who provides the wood, tools and any other accessories to complete a small project during the time provided. The projects will be done on the two club mini-lathes.  Some examples include awls, pens, coffee scoops, wine stoppers, or small bowls. Our LNT Director is Peter Wilcox.

Business Meeting

In these meetings, you will learn of opportunities to engage the activities of the CNEW club. We have internal and external VPs letting us know about expert demos, outings, trade shows, events, and perhaps even fallen tress available.  The treasure updates us on group purchases, spend and funds.  Our president, Carolyn MacDonald, keeps us up to date and leads our meetings.

Wood Raffle

Perhaps by the grace of Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, members of the club or local tree fellers, we seem to have new logs or blocks of wood each month.  Sometimes you buy a few raffle tickets and try your luck and sometimes everyone gets a free ticket to pick your piece from the pile in chance order.  There is a good chance you will be leaving with the material to turn your next beautiful bowl of cherry, maple or even tupelo.

Wood Raffle of the Week


First Thursday of Every Month: 5:30-9:30 pm
12 Woodward Ave, Berlin, MA 01503

Join Our Monthly Meetings

Join us for a meeting as our guest and see if we are the right community for you!  If you share our passion, please join and get involved.

Meeting Hall

We gather at the 1870 Town Hall in Berlin on 12 Woodward Ave in the great room on the second floor. You will find an elevator in the left rear corner and stairways in the front.


Street parking is available on Woodward between the church and the Town Hall.

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