(2nd Attempt) Zoom Link for October 7th IRD with Michael Kehs–Inside Out Turning

Date: 10/07/2021
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Virtual: Meeting ID: 884 1118 3758 Passcode: 117364


Meeting ID: 884 1118 3758
Passcode: 117364

Inside -Out turning

This demo will stretch your imagination, in that I will show how to make four pieces of wood into a bat, flower, shark, or other simple drawing into a turned object. An inside-out turning is a spindle turning with both ends left square, which is then cut or separated into four equal pieces lengthwise. The four outside corners are rotated inward, resulting in four “windows” or silhouettes.  The turned shape of the spindle dictates the shape of the silhouette and will produce a symmetrical pattern.  An asymmetrical silhouette requires two different, but matched turnings.

Any simple outline drawing can be turned inside-out. Draw a center line through the design.  For an asymmetrical design, the left half will be your first turning, the right half will be your second turning.

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