Ocean Woodturners August 2020 Zoom Meeting

Date: 08/20/2020
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Ocean Woodturners Invites You to their Monthly Zoom meeting.

Host: Roland Lavoie

Demonstrator: Rick Angus

Topic: Turning a Small Dry-Wood-Bowl in Two Steps: Outside, including Finishing then Inside, including Finishing

The demonstration is an example of production turning of ring bowls (3″ diameter, 1.5″ high) using a 2″ hole bored into the blank as the reference for the bowl shape.  The first step, shaping and finishing the outside is done by gripping the square blank by expanding jaws inside the 2″ hole; the second step, shaping and finishing the inside is done by gripping the widest portion of the bowl in custom-made wooden (poplar) accessory jaws of a lathe chuck.

The bottom of the 2″ reference hole orients the bowl on the axis and also sets a wall thickness witness mark during shaping of the outside.  The second step is done first using the foot of the bowl as the face reference and custom-built wooden jaws as the radial reference.  Hollowing the inside is done mostly by eye using the bottom of the 2″ initially drilled hole as a wall thickness guide.

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